Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With Miss_LolitaF

Elite Interviews: Miss_LolitaF
Stardoll's Very Own "Fashion Icon"

Today, for our first "Elite Interview," to inspire all of you forthcoming elites, welcome to Miss_LolitaF! She has been interviewed by Callie.Stardoll for Stardoll Magazine, been covergirl, got some Real Celeb in her hands, and much more! So if you are a Miss_LolitaF addict, you'll appreciate the interview we've got in store for you.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hi, thanks for doing the interview.

Miss_LolitaF: Hello, thanks for having me.

SFW: What do you think makes the good elite? 

L: The power to dare all and everyone.

SFW: Why do you think you are an elite?

L: Stardoll gave me the title Stardoll Fashion Icon in their interview with me, so if they do looks like I am, well of course there are other things, counting BBS is Stardoll's 5th most popular blog.

SFW: What do you think was your greatest achievement on Stardoll so far?

L: The interview with me in Stardoll Magazine.

SFW: Who do you think has potential of becoming elite?

L: Fifibannana , most definitely.

SFW: Lmao, we agree! What is your favorite part of Stardoll?

L: Suite decoration.

SFW: What is your favorite rare item?

L: My MKA Real Celeb Ashley Jacket.

SFW: It's a gorgeous jacket. Do you think this blog (Stardoll FameWhores [sdfamewhhores.blogspot.com]) may have elite potential someday?

L: It just started, so I can't tell.

SFW: Thanks, hopefully you can soon! What are your current project plans?

L: A lot, BBS, TSS, BMK, SMW, DG, TFS, DC, SGT, PSG, and a few more.

SFW: Wow, that's a lot on your plate! You must be really busy. Even though you aren't at the helm of Lipstick, you still have a lot of input, and of course Big Brother Stardoll is really taking off. Anything else, what's really going on behind your projects?

L: Lipstick is coming back (SFW: We cheer hooray!), BBS is going really well, TSS is opening soon, grab your changes girls! 

SFW: Wow, we're going to let you get back to your work now. Thanks for the "Elite Interview," Lolita. Any parting advice for our readers about this topsy turvy dramatic world of stardoll elitism?

L: Be happy, and cheer up when you're sad.

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