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Elite Interviews: Interview With BabetteCouture

Interview With BabetteCouture
Stardoll's New "Vanity VaniTEEN"

Meet the vanity queen herself. BabetteCouture talks about being let off from Elite Entertainment and Elite diaries, and moving on to Dioguardi Group, as well as creating something fresh from something old... Her memoirs of "Notorious," and "VaniTEEN." We got the exclusive from Noralie herself, as she proves herself to be one truly remarkable person at moving forwards and starting anew.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hi, thanks for letting us do the interview.

BabetteCouture: No problem.
SFW: What do you think an elite should be like?

B: I think an elite should be creative and have many of their own ideas! Though most elites became popular through some blog or project, those are important too.

SFW: Yes, most certainly. But what do you think makes you an elite?

B: Am I elite? I don't know, but I have many ideas to change boring Stardoll life.

SFW: Ideas are great, even better when they are carried into action. You are doing a great job of that. Even though Elite Diary is over for you, will it be continued on by anybody while Dioguardi Group takes you in?

B: I don't know yet, but maybe some other...

SFW: That's fantastic news! But from your experience with Baya (EliteNews), how do you feel about her?

B: She's a very good friend and extremely professional.

SFW: That's wonderful. What do you think your greatest achievement on Stardoll was so far, out of everything you've done?

B: Quite a few. I work in Mels' Models (bluegreen86), and I think VaniTEEN will be a success. 

SFW: Sounds like you're really working hard! In your meantime, I'm sure you collect rares. What is your favorite rare item?

B: Mary Kate and Ashley Real Celeb, of course.

SFW: What is your favorite thing on Stardoll?

B: Why, of course, being able to talk to people across the entire world!

SFW: That is something amazing Stardoll has to offer; we can prove that anywhere around the world we come from we are all the same in one way or another. But, more to the point, what do you think makes an elite, with that "wow" factor that so many, like you, Alice, and Mary have?

B: Everybody is an elite to me!

SFW: So now what are your current project plans now that the tables have been turned a little bit?

B: Well, of course I have plans, such as VaniTEEN, a fusion between a gossip and fashion mag.

SFW: That makes two of us! I am also going to be a writer, thanks to you. It sounds so very exciting, and I'm sure the other two writers, Findurlove and hco-hottie23, and of course fig36, must be so excited! (NOTE: Click HERE to go to the VaniTEEN official site.) How are your other projects going? Anything new with EliteEntertainment?

B: MelsModels is going great, like always; but I was kicked out of Elite Entertainment because I broke the contract by mistake. But that's why I'm starting VaniTEEN.

SFW: That's great! We're going to let you get back to the heavy work load we're sure you have. Be sure to check out our next installment of Elite Interviews! See all of them on the blog sidebar! 

B: Thanks for having me.

More coming soon.
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