Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elite Interviews: To_Royal

  Interview with To_Royal
Talking about Stardoll's past, present, and future.

Never the same, forever evolving. This can be said about several things: fashion, Stardoll, the world, but also applies to the fabulous Dei, otherwise known by her Stardoll username To_Royal. Recently we sat down and talked to Dei about her extraordinary Stardoll career, and here's what she has to say.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hello Dei, welcome! 

To_Royal: Hello!

SFW: You're considered one of the newer set of elites on Stardoll, but you've also been around long enough to witness with the changing time, the changing of stardoll. Do you think Stardoll has gotten better or worse?

D: I don't really see anyone as 'elite' anymore, maybe popular, but never elite. But I think Stardoll has changed for better and for the worst because though the easy going carefree part is gone where people threw parties, had fights, and weren't scared of an opinion or two, people are more smart and witty than before as well, but I would have to say I don't think people understand just how different it's gotten.

 SFW: What is your opinion on elitism on Stardoll? Do you think it's worth it or not?

D: It's stupid, of course people still believe in elites, but honestly there are none, only thing there is now is really rich Stardoll's who have tons of friends from either being a popular blogger or designer.

SFW: You are involved with Memoires of a Medoll, the legendary Noelle_Page's and Isabella.Arci's blog. How do you think this blog has evolved?

D: Depends on how the readers see it as, but I hope for the better.

SFW: What projects are you involved in at the moment?

D: That is a secret.

SFW: What projects will you get involved in the near future?
D: That is a secret as well.

SFW: Fashion is a fickle thing. As Heidi Klum says, "One day you're in, the next, you're out." What do you make of this statement and how it applies to Stardoll's own fashion style, from the fashion houses to the magazines to what we see in StarPlaza?

D: Really, Stardoll gives us whats in weekly whether people recognize that or not, though some of the styles and fashions are questionable, I believe only some can be ahead of the fashion game. But on Stardoll people try to just be themselves, but I don't think you can be original if you are trying to follow trends that you didn't start.

SFW: Do you miss Stardoll when it was still young, a few years back where loopholes and an abundance of cat fights existed?

D: I miss it for the fun of it all, but all things come to an end eventually so I try not to cry over the past.

SFW: Do you think that Stardoll will ever revive itself and come back?

D: A website like this can't change its self, only the users can, and from what I've seen, Stardoll won't ever be turning back, forever evolving.

SFW: What advice do you have for guys and girls who want to make it to the top?

D: Have fun with that. Haha.

SFW: And that concludes our interview! Thanks for being here, Dei!

D: Thanks for having me!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Site being revitalized!

Hello everybody, I'm back! I realize I haven't posted in a long while, and I realize that you all followed because you wanted elite interviews that no other blog on the Stardoll net provides! I'm busy breathing new life into this blog, but I'm not doing it for the fame, but simply the pleasure of writing. This means I'm not going to host any kind of elaborate grand opening party, but know that every one of my readers who gives me feedback gives me so much joy.

Thank you for reading, and when the interview goes up, I hope I don't disappoint! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Elite Interviews: Conii987

Interview with Conii987
Graphics Girl & The Stardoll Freakshow 

Ruth (Conii987) made her break in the Stardoll world through her graphics. Currently, she works as a co-owner of The Stardoll Freakshow, Wonderland of E with Egle Stone, and Stardoll's State Of Fashion, headed by Stardoll legendary Mary Semenchenko. 

Stardoll Famewhores: What is your definition of Stardoll elitism?

Conii987: People that are known in stardoll, either it's for being nice, a famous model, really good graphic designer, awesome project, etc.

SFW: Do you believe yourself to be an "elite"? If so, why or why not?

C: No, *giggles* well I have made a few projects, and I'm co-owner of TSF but, I don't think I'm an elite or that I'm well known.

SFW: You are an owner of The Stardoll Freakshow. Describe what it is like to own and manage such a monemental Stardoll blog?

C: Well the real owner is Laura (Lizs) because I haven't officially bought TSF from her, but I'm managing it. Well, it's quite hard and I struggle a lot because some writers don't post often, or when not many people comment, but it's all part of owning a blog, and I try to do everything I can to make it better.

SFW: Do you have any projects planned?

C: I might, but it's not sure yet. But I don't really think I'll stay on Stardoll for that much longer, only to check my mail and talk to my friends because I have school and right now I'm in my finals, and it's much more important.

SFW: You are a talented graphics designer. What inspires your creativity?

C: Aw, thank you! Well, I love looking at other peoples graphics, and study them carefully, also whenever I look at a great editorial I get this thing that makes me want to turn it into a graphic.

SFW: What do you like best about Stardoll?

C: Just to be yourselves, and not to act cool just to be an 'elite' and a famewhore. If you want to be known come up with an amazing project, think of things that no one has ever done before, and most importantly be nice to everyone, and don't judge a book by its cover.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Elite Interviews: Star_Awards

Interview with Star_Awards
a.k.a. Baya Nikolas "Elite-News" and -Inspired-

Sometimes the person behind the dollie isn't exactly the same person you'd expect. Vanessa proved that theory to us several weeks ago when she released a post as "Baya Nikolas"- her alter ego on Perez Hilton of Stardoll, revealing who was actually behind the wildly sucessful corporation. Vanessa talks to us today, as herself. Click here to read her interview as Baya Nikolas.

Stardoll Famewhores: Now that you've released your true identity, how difficult was it to keep Baya Nikolas a secret?

Star_Awards: It wasn't really that difficult.

SFW: Nobody really questioned who Baya was. As with most new "gossip bloggers" people question who they really are. Your dupe was a well executed one. How did you manage that?

S: I'm a muti-tasker, I can juggle so many things at once. Of course it did have it's challenges, but I liked to play with it and keep everyone guessing.

SFW: Some people claimed that it would've been better when Baya was a secret. Now that it isn't, Elite News doesn't have that "magic touch" anymore. How do you feel about it?

S:  I still believe Elite News will always have that "magic touch", it may not feel like it right now, but that's not because of me revealing who I am but more because it hasn't been active.

SFW: Now it is going around that the real shocking surprise wasn't you being Baya, but you being your other account -Inspired- which you revealed at the same time! Why is that?

S: I wanted to come clean about everything at once, like that it's all out in the open and I don't have to hide anymore. When you hold so many secrets, it's get's overwhelming and I feel so much better that everything is out.

SFW: What are your plans for Elite News now?

S: Well, I've already have many storylines plot out for the rest of the year, but I'm kind of going through writer's block, and so I have been stump on blogging lately. I'm slowly coming out of it. So, once I'm able to fully work with my imagination again, I plan to keep Elite News and the rest of my blogs alive and active. Baya will still and always be Baya. Nothing has changed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elite Interviews: Wooldoor

Interview with Wooldoor
Dynamic Graphics&Artistry

Since appearing on the "Stardoll Radar," Eliza (Wooldoor) has taken Dollywood by storm. She gained notable glory for her spectacular graphics, which, are unique in their own measure, by being obviously and purely hand-drawn, not done by copying poses from Stardoll or i-Dressup dolls, inspiring a new era in where graphics are taken to a new level.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hello, how do you feel about Stardoll's "elite" society?

Wooldoor: Hi, I have positive views and negative views. Probably more positive though rather than negative. A negative opinion is that most elites are fame hungry. They would do anything to be on top, and I guess I know how that feels like to not be on top and try so hard to get there. But it's a really good thing when things go your way. It's kinda like real life fame, except anyone can become famous on here.

SFW: Whom do you consider to be elite?

W: I consider somebody to be elite when they have done something that everyone knows them for. Someone who isn't only good at what they do, but they are people who have, I guess that charm. It's someone broadcasted throughout the Dollywood society someone such as Fakeshake03 or Star_Awards. 

SFW: The first time I saw your one of your graphics (I believe the Gaga one), I was like "OMG, she is amazing!" Especially since anything to that detail must be hand drawn and not copied. What got you into graphics design?

W: I have always been doing graphics, even if it's such as simple manipulation. I started doing basic drawing on paint with Stardoll graphics like a bent arm. I didn't really consider myself good though.

SFW: What inspires this creativity?

W: I was always inspired by Doinker_Chic or Dodence_Bt. One day there was a photoshop comp on SMW and I entered. I spent hours on it. I didn't really like it but I decided I should try harder. I didn't win, but that's what inspired me.

SFW: What do you like best about Stardoll?

W: I like the fame. The nice people, the clothes. I like how I can make outfits on here which I couldn't in real life.

SFW: Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

W: I am indeed. I am working on issue 2 of my magazine and a McQueen Tribute project for Feburary.

SFW: Sounds enthralling! What advice would you have towards users who want to make a name for themselves on Stardoll, as you did?

W: Believe in yourself. Like your work, but ask for constructive criticize. Don't ask friends who would just lie and protect your feelings, you need to get hurt to get stronger.

SFW: Thank you!

W: My pleasure.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Elite Interviews: ItGonnaRain

Interview with ItGonnaRain
Stardoll's Iconic Model
We sat down in the suite of Blair (ItGonnaRain). Fashionably decorated as such as one of the most iconic models is able to do, Blair is the epitome of high fashion and sophistication in it's most simplistic beauty, which many superstars and non-superstars alike are not able to create.
Stardoll FameWhores: Hello, thank you for joining us! What do you think about elitism on Stardoll?
ItGonnaRain: No problem, I think that the so-called "elites" are only a problem when they abuse their power and treat people as if they are inferior. There are many popular people on Stardoll who are generous and kind, and those people can be looked up to by the rest of Stardoll users. However, I think it is a problem when people try to conform to an elite image instead of being true to themselves.
SFW: You're known as one of the most sucessful and looked up to models on Stardoll. How does it feel to hold such a prestigious title?
I: That is a huge compliment. I'm glad to be considered successful on Stardoll because it shows that you can be yourself and be a non-superstar, and still achieve great things.
SFW: Speaking of non-superstar, it's a common myth that non superstars cannot get anywhere on stardoll or achieve anything. But, obviously, you disprove all of these theories, how does it feel to be an image inspiration of many people?

I: There is definitely an attitude of superiority among many Stardoll users that superstars are superior to non-superstars, however this is so not true! Many times, superstars get caught up in buying the latest expensive, "designer" look on Stardoll, and their outfits and style become boring and not unique at all. It is so much more fun to create interesting looks from lots of cheap or strange pieces, than to throw on the latest trend off of a designer rack.
SFW: Truly! Where do you get your inspiration for your shoots?

I: I am always looking through fashion magazines like Vogue for inspiration. I also love to create shoots inspired by fantasy worlds and old children's stories, because often times they have dark or even disturbing qualities that are fun to bring out.
SFW: Vogue is such an inspiration. In fact, I remember the first time I saw a Vogue magazine in a local store, and I was like, "wow, I want to be that sophisticated and chic." You have your own model competition, called STMN, how were you inspired to create it?
I: I noticed a lot of modelling competitions that were really superficial and focused only on appearance, or how well your makeup was applied, so I decided to create a competition based on talent. SNTM.xx is a competition that anyone who is truly talented can succeed at, whether or not you are considered popular or elite.
SFW: Sounds like something we should all try, to see how creative we really are and are judged regardless of superficials. Are you working on any new projects at this time?
I: Cycle 5 of SNTM.xx has just started, and I have recently been asked to judge many other modelling comeptitions, for which I am listed as a manager.
SFW: Do you have any advice for girls who want to beome sucessful in modeling?

I: I assume you mean on Stardoll. On Stardoll, all you have to do is be yourself, have fun, and of course practice making sceneries and posing. There are actually some great posing tutorials on the website Editorialized, that are written by liajm, the winner of SNTM.xx Cycle 4. 
SFW: Thank you so much!
I: Of course!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Elite Interviews: Hunnigall

Interview with Hunnigall
Graphics Extraordinaire

Alice sits down with us to talk Fierce, Ostenatious, plans for the future, advice, and more, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Stardoll's graphic extraordinaire!

Stardoll FameWhores: What is your opinion on Stardoll elitism?

Hunnigall: I'm not going to lie. When I first found the 'elite' world (IE: Perez) I thought it was EVERYTHING. I would stop at virtually nothing to be among the likes of Fakeshake3, Style_Magazine and BeverlyHillsHei (they were 'on top' at that time, no doubt) but right now, right here, having tasted it. I think it's ridiculous how much we obsess over it. It's nice to be recognised, but to lose who you are through a website? No thanks, not for me.

SFW: What inspired you to start creating graphics?

H: Mario. Quite simply Mario. I had tried my hand at graphics long loong looong before he was around when I was a Style Magazine fan and tried to create my own. Once I found my feet I realized that actually, I was pretty good.

SFW: Even though you weren't able to finish Ostenatious in time for Stardoll Fashion Week, the release of your partial collection was still much anticipated and celebrated! Will you be presenting another Ostenatious collection next Stardoll Fashion Week?

H: Ahh, that was the total collection sadly... It was just small. If I ever do them again, they'll be small. Less stuff and better quality is my preference. I doubt I'll get time for next SFW to be perfectly honest, but keep your eyes open, 'cause I haven't got a definate yes or no until the actual night. I guess it will remain a mystery to all of us.

SFW: Sounds fascinating!Are you planning for another Fierce Magazine?

H: I am, I am indeed. I'm working on it, but I'm merging it with my Media project (school work) which requires SO much time, effort and when I get around to editing it to SD style I probably won't finish it until the Summer season...

SFW: You've been dubbed (unofficially, of course) by Stardoll members as one of the "Influential." How does that feel?

H: I am? Seriously? That's AWESOME! I'm proud of that. I like being influential. The world needs more weird people, and I want to lead them into GLORY! (of the knickerbocker kind ;D)

SFW: What Stardoll projects do you support? (For example, NOH8 and such.)

H: Erm... Honestly, I don't support any of them. I'm barely online anymore and I don't get much time. Obviously I support my amazing friend Tyler's blog, and er.... God, I wish I could think of more but I can't. I'm just not cool enough to support people :( OOOH! Elites Exposed. I LOVE that blog (quite passionately.)

SFW: Any upcoming projects?

H: Yes. But I can't reveal any details whatsoever. It's very hush-hush. Very. It's also very big. And I don't mean big as in "oh, I'm releasing something BIG!" and then a miniscule graphic is released. I mean big as in "oh, I'm releasing something BIG!" and a massive explosion that causes mass destruction and worldwide disturbances goes off. O yea, it's big.

SFW: What advice would you give to girls (and guys) who want to have sucessful projects?
H: Make them good. Perfectionism is no sin. I pick out faults in everything I do, I am the ULTIMATE perfectionist. I pick faults out of everything, so, if you've made a magazine or a project that I've seen, chances are I've picked out one or two faults. If you can do a job that you're proud of, it'll pay off more. That's why I take sooo long to do Fierce, SFW etc (aside from the excuse of plain ol' laziness)
also, before you post/release anything, show a few people for opinions. LISTEN to the crisicism (you learn next to nothing from compliments) and work on it. Then sleep on it. If, after all that, you think it's ready to post, dammit, go post it!

SFW: Thank you so much!

H: No problemo!