Friday, May 6, 2011

Elite Interviews: Star_Awards

Interview with Star_Awards
a.k.a. Baya Nikolas "Elite-News" and -Inspired-

Sometimes the person behind the dollie isn't exactly the same person you'd expect. Vanessa proved that theory to us several weeks ago when she released a post as "Baya Nikolas"- her alter ego on Perez Hilton of Stardoll, revealing who was actually behind the wildly sucessful corporation. Vanessa talks to us today, as herself. Click here to read her interview as Baya Nikolas.

Stardoll Famewhores: Now that you've released your true identity, how difficult was it to keep Baya Nikolas a secret?

Star_Awards: It wasn't really that difficult.

SFW: Nobody really questioned who Baya was. As with most new "gossip bloggers" people question who they really are. Your dupe was a well executed one. How did you manage that?

S: I'm a muti-tasker, I can juggle so many things at once. Of course it did have it's challenges, but I liked to play with it and keep everyone guessing.

SFW: Some people claimed that it would've been better when Baya was a secret. Now that it isn't, Elite News doesn't have that "magic touch" anymore. How do you feel about it?

S:  I still believe Elite News will always have that "magic touch", it may not feel like it right now, but that's not because of me revealing who I am but more because it hasn't been active.

SFW: Now it is going around that the real shocking surprise wasn't you being Baya, but you being your other account -Inspired- which you revealed at the same time! Why is that?

S: I wanted to come clean about everything at once, like that it's all out in the open and I don't have to hide anymore. When you hold so many secrets, it's get's overwhelming and I feel so much better that everything is out.

SFW: What are your plans for Elite News now?

S: Well, I've already have many storylines plot out for the rest of the year, but I'm kind of going through writer's block, and so I have been stump on blogging lately. I'm slowly coming out of it. So, once I'm able to fully work with my imagination again, I plan to keep Elite News and the rest of my blogs alive and active. Baya will still and always be Baya. Nothing has changed.

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