Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Elite Interviews: Wooldoor

Interview with Wooldoor
Dynamic Graphics&Artistry

Since appearing on the "Stardoll Radar," Eliza (Wooldoor) has taken Dollywood by storm. She gained notable glory for her spectacular graphics, which, are unique in their own measure, by being obviously and purely hand-drawn, not done by copying poses from Stardoll or i-Dressup dolls, inspiring a new era in where graphics are taken to a new level.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hello, how do you feel about Stardoll's "elite" society?

Wooldoor: Hi, I have positive views and negative views. Probably more positive though rather than negative. A negative opinion is that most elites are fame hungry. They would do anything to be on top, and I guess I know how that feels like to not be on top and try so hard to get there. But it's a really good thing when things go your way. It's kinda like real life fame, except anyone can become famous on here.

SFW: Whom do you consider to be elite?

W: I consider somebody to be elite when they have done something that everyone knows them for. Someone who isn't only good at what they do, but they are people who have, I guess that charm. It's someone broadcasted throughout the Dollywood society someone such as Fakeshake03 or Star_Awards. 

SFW: The first time I saw your one of your graphics (I believe the Gaga one), I was like "OMG, she is amazing!" Especially since anything to that detail must be hand drawn and not copied. What got you into graphics design?

W: I have always been doing graphics, even if it's such as simple manipulation. I started doing basic drawing on paint with Stardoll graphics like a bent arm. I didn't really consider myself good though.

SFW: What inspires this creativity?

W: I was always inspired by Doinker_Chic or Dodence_Bt. One day there was a photoshop comp on SMW and I entered. I spent hours on it. I didn't really like it but I decided I should try harder. I didn't win, but that's what inspired me.

SFW: What do you like best about Stardoll?

W: I like the fame. The nice people, the clothes. I like how I can make outfits on here which I couldn't in real life.

SFW: Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

W: I am indeed. I am working on issue 2 of my magazine and a McQueen Tribute project for Feburary.

SFW: Sounds enthralling! What advice would you have towards users who want to make a name for themselves on Stardoll, as you did?

W: Believe in yourself. Like your work, but ask for constructive criticize. Don't ask friends who would just lie and protect your feelings, you need to get hurt to get stronger.

SFW: Thank you!

W: My pleasure.

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    Fucking scammer/hacker/LOSER graphics artiste. Don't understand how she was ever allowed to be part of Stardoll Magazine, or WHY you gave her an interview on your blog.

    I've just lost 99% of respect for your blog- no, 100%.