Monday, January 10, 2011

Elite Interviews: ItGonnaRain

Interview with ItGonnaRain
Stardoll's Iconic Model
We sat down in the suite of Blair (ItGonnaRain). Fashionably decorated as such as one of the most iconic models is able to do, Blair is the epitome of high fashion and sophistication in it's most simplistic beauty, which many superstars and non-superstars alike are not able to create.
Stardoll FameWhores: Hello, thank you for joining us! What do you think about elitism on Stardoll?
ItGonnaRain: No problem, I think that the so-called "elites" are only a problem when they abuse their power and treat people as if they are inferior. There are many popular people on Stardoll who are generous and kind, and those people can be looked up to by the rest of Stardoll users. However, I think it is a problem when people try to conform to an elite image instead of being true to themselves.
SFW: You're known as one of the most sucessful and looked up to models on Stardoll. How does it feel to hold such a prestigious title?
I: That is a huge compliment. I'm glad to be considered successful on Stardoll because it shows that you can be yourself and be a non-superstar, and still achieve great things.
SFW: Speaking of non-superstar, it's a common myth that non superstars cannot get anywhere on stardoll or achieve anything. But, obviously, you disprove all of these theories, how does it feel to be an image inspiration of many people?

I: There is definitely an attitude of superiority among many Stardoll users that superstars are superior to non-superstars, however this is so not true! Many times, superstars get caught up in buying the latest expensive, "designer" look on Stardoll, and their outfits and style become boring and not unique at all. It is so much more fun to create interesting looks from lots of cheap or strange pieces, than to throw on the latest trend off of a designer rack.
SFW: Truly! Where do you get your inspiration for your shoots?

I: I am always looking through fashion magazines like Vogue for inspiration. I also love to create shoots inspired by fantasy worlds and old children's stories, because often times they have dark or even disturbing qualities that are fun to bring out.
SFW: Vogue is such an inspiration. In fact, I remember the first time I saw a Vogue magazine in a local store, and I was like, "wow, I want to be that sophisticated and chic." You have your own model competition, called STMN, how were you inspired to create it?
I: I noticed a lot of modelling competitions that were really superficial and focused only on appearance, or how well your makeup was applied, so I decided to create a competition based on talent. SNTM.xx is a competition that anyone who is truly talented can succeed at, whether or not you are considered popular or elite.
SFW: Sounds like something we should all try, to see how creative we really are and are judged regardless of superficials. Are you working on any new projects at this time?
I: Cycle 5 of SNTM.xx has just started, and I have recently been asked to judge many other modelling comeptitions, for which I am listed as a manager.
SFW: Do you have any advice for girls who want to beome sucessful in modeling?

I: I assume you mean on Stardoll. On Stardoll, all you have to do is be yourself, have fun, and of course practice making sceneries and posing. There are actually some great posing tutorials on the website Editorialized, that are written by liajm, the winner of SNTM.xx Cycle 4. 
SFW: Thank you so much!
I: Of course!

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  1. Blair is always an inspiration!
    It's so great of her to mention editorialized (:

    but I think she made a slip of the tong. SNTM.xx is on it's 6th cycle, and I am the winner of cycle 5. (: