Friday, January 7, 2011

Elite Interviews: Hunnigall

Interview with Hunnigall
Graphics Extraordinaire

Alice sits down with us to talk Fierce, Ostenatious, plans for the future, advice, and more, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Stardoll's graphic extraordinaire!

Stardoll FameWhores: What is your opinion on Stardoll elitism?

Hunnigall: I'm not going to lie. When I first found the 'elite' world (IE: Perez) I thought it was EVERYTHING. I would stop at virtually nothing to be among the likes of Fakeshake3, Style_Magazine and BeverlyHillsHei (they were 'on top' at that time, no doubt) but right now, right here, having tasted it. I think it's ridiculous how much we obsess over it. It's nice to be recognised, but to lose who you are through a website? No thanks, not for me.

SFW: What inspired you to start creating graphics?

H: Mario. Quite simply Mario. I had tried my hand at graphics long loong looong before he was around when I was a Style Magazine fan and tried to create my own. Once I found my feet I realized that actually, I was pretty good.

SFW: Even though you weren't able to finish Ostenatious in time for Stardoll Fashion Week, the release of your partial collection was still much anticipated and celebrated! Will you be presenting another Ostenatious collection next Stardoll Fashion Week?

H: Ahh, that was the total collection sadly... It was just small. If I ever do them again, they'll be small. Less stuff and better quality is my preference. I doubt I'll get time for next SFW to be perfectly honest, but keep your eyes open, 'cause I haven't got a definate yes or no until the actual night. I guess it will remain a mystery to all of us.

SFW: Sounds fascinating!Are you planning for another Fierce Magazine?

H: I am, I am indeed. I'm working on it, but I'm merging it with my Media project (school work) which requires SO much time, effort and when I get around to editing it to SD style I probably won't finish it until the Summer season...

SFW: You've been dubbed (unofficially, of course) by Stardoll members as one of the "Influential." How does that feel?

H: I am? Seriously? That's AWESOME! I'm proud of that. I like being influential. The world needs more weird people, and I want to lead them into GLORY! (of the knickerbocker kind ;D)

SFW: What Stardoll projects do you support? (For example, NOH8 and such.)

H: Erm... Honestly, I don't support any of them. I'm barely online anymore and I don't get much time. Obviously I support my amazing friend Tyler's blog, and er.... God, I wish I could think of more but I can't. I'm just not cool enough to support people :( OOOH! Elites Exposed. I LOVE that blog (quite passionately.)

SFW: Any upcoming projects?

H: Yes. But I can't reveal any details whatsoever. It's very hush-hush. Very. It's also very big. And I don't mean big as in "oh, I'm releasing something BIG!" and then a miniscule graphic is released. I mean big as in "oh, I'm releasing something BIG!" and a massive explosion that causes mass destruction and worldwide disturbances goes off. O yea, it's big.

SFW: What advice would you give to girls (and guys) who want to have sucessful projects?
H: Make them good. Perfectionism is no sin. I pick out faults in everything I do, I am the ULTIMATE perfectionist. I pick faults out of everything, so, if you've made a magazine or a project that I've seen, chances are I've picked out one or two faults. If you can do a job that you're proud of, it'll pay off more. That's why I take sooo long to do Fierce, SFW etc (aside from the excuse of plain ol' laziness)
also, before you post/release anything, show a few people for opinions. LISTEN to the crisicism (you learn next to nothing from compliments) and work on it. Then sleep on it. If, after all that, you think it's ready to post, dammit, go post it!

SFW: Thank you so much!

H: No problemo!

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