Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Elite Interviews: Bubblyminty

Interview with Bubblyminty
~Icicles & Memoires~

Jenny (Bubblyminty) is a rising star in fashion as well as an accomplished writer for Medoll Memoires. She is gearing up for a big year, and is ready with new ideas and more fashion designs!

Stardoll FameWhores: You've recently returned to Stardoll, what is your opinion of the site? Has it "changed" so drastically, and were you suprised in a good or bad way?

Bubblyminty: I actually at first didn't really liked the change...the make-over, not suprising as I am not a person who is open to changes. I thought that it wasn't very original and quite similar to i-dressup. But as time progressed I did warm to the make-over, when I look back at the old Stardoll, I am quite grateful for what we have today. It is more modern and grown-up, and as for the dramatic side of things, there are less catfights and trying people to hog the lime-light right now.

All these new projects are fabulous such as Stardoll Fashion Week, it is great the people can show their creativity and become friends! It keeps getting better and better on Stardoll.

SFW: You're a writer on Memoires of a Medoll, a lovely blog, what do you specifically write about on there?

B: I am really just grateful that Noelle and Isabella let me write for Medoll Memoires. I did not know much about it as when it was released I took a break from Stardoll. After reading through the blog I got interested in it, it is somewhat different from other blogs out there today.
I try not to post about the usual gossip,that is too "cliche" and not my type of thing. Also I find that forever posting about free items and hotbuys could bore the readers and there are plenty of blogs which do this anyway.

I try to write about things which are though-provoking and issues which raise awareness you know? Something original and entertaining!

SFW: Your new fashion design project, Icicles, is very popular! Are you going to try and showcase it at Stardoll Fashion Week?

B: I don't know, maybe I will...or maybe not. I got bored making Hello Kitty t-shirts, they are everywhere today, along with celebrity and cartoon prints which I find less couture by the minute. The other day I decided to do some prints as other such as Marcela have been very successful! The print came out wrong and when I took a secone glance at it, I fell in love with it!

Quite a few have bought some dresses and I am thrilled at how it is coming along. I doubt that I could do graphics and therefore will probably not be showcasing it, I will be just be sitting back and looking at everybody elses's work instead.

SFW: You say for "Icicles" you want to have a new collection for each month, will this mean you will have a new line fit for the season?

B: Yes hopefully if the sucess stays the same I will continue! The line is basically just "Bubblyminty"...yes I know not very original! But I will be naming it other things besides "Icicles", things to do with the months you know?

SFW: What is your opinion of elitism on Stardoll?

B: I do believe that some people should be recognised for what they have achieved, such as Style_Magazine, she is the pioneer for starting off the trend of virtual magazines. Yet still, some people have become recognised for their obnoxious and cunning ways, I will not say any names.

I know that many elites will ignore people who are less-known which I think is absurd, just because someone if viewed as an "elite" on Stardoll does certainly not make them one in real-life.

SFW: What is your biggest ambition on Stardoll?

B: I do not have any ambitions yet, I am far too busy haha! I am not for these big projects, I prefer helping the bigshots. I can be quite laid-back at times which probably explains this!

SFW: What are you looking forwards to on Stardoll?

B: Well I am looking forward to seeing and taking part in all the campaigns and projects many of our fellowing stardollians and conjuring up today. Not just Stardoll Fashion Week, but I think that NOH8 is something to look out for at the moment. And Zoe_Couture's "The Social Group" sounds fun too!

SFW: What advice do you have for girls who want to become known on Stardoll (in areas of your expertise)?

B: Oh I am not sure. I wouldn't class myself as an elite as such! But for people who are looking to become well-known...I really do not know. Maybe offer something to the world of Stardoll?
But there are more things more worthwhile then to climb this metaphorical social ladder. I rather just be a friendly and creative member and be known for that!

SFW: Thank you!

B: Thank you, it was a pleasure!

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