Saturday, November 27, 2010

Elite Interviews: Mini_Casie

Interview With Mini_Casie
Pefection Magazine Owner

We caught up with Mini_Casie, owner of the new debut magazine Perfection. Celebrating her success- and her hard work- she works towards bigger and better goals.

Stardoll FameWhores: What do you believe it means to be elite?
Mini_Casie: I believe an elite is someone who does something to make a difference, has a great sense in style and has a positive attitude! Many people want to be an elite just to have that popularity. If I were an elite, I'd make a difference like writemarycat did. She invented Stardoll Fashion Week and I honestlky thought that was a hit. Think of something new and you may be the next elite.

SFW:  Who do you believe should be elite? 

M: Hah. Funny you ask that. JulitQa93 (Julita) She is so lovely! She is great at graphics designing. She could be a major elite as soon as she is more out there and noticed! She works for me in Perfection Magazine! She also has a great sense in style, and has a positive attitude! Did I forget to mention she is totally nice?

SFW: How did you think of Perfection? How did I think of the name?

M: Well... it was way before SFW even started. I wanted to come out with something fresh. Then Perfection got delayed so it was down hill. I took a break to find graphics designers. SFW shows Lily Rose using my Perfection name! But it's all good now. XD I wanted something elegent and classy fo happen. This is my first magazine issue yet and I know it will be a hit because my team and I have worked so hard ALREADY! 

SFW: What other projects are you part of?
M: Well I have been asked to be a project of other Groups such as Beautule and Lipstick.
SFW: Fashion style?

M: My fashion style is Chic Glamour and Indieish. I really am enjoying hues of brown and cream colors right now. I dress like this in and outside of Stardoll. I personally like my style alot! Ever since I've joined Stardoll I have noticed my fashion sense has been getting stronger and stronger!

SFW: Any advice for future magazine owners?
M: Just find a great strong team and hope for the best! Strive to Excel and you are on the right track from their! Just work hard and make sure it;s not all serious... have some fun! Think outside of the box and you could be one of the best Magazine's out there!

SFW: Thank you.
M: Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure!

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