Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elite Interviews: EliteNews

Interview with EliteNews
Stardoll's "Elite" Blogger

We caught up with Baya Nikolas (EliteNews) in her suite recently for a chat. This influential Stardoll elite blogger is the owner of various popular blogs on Stardoll. We talked about projects, gossip, latest events, and what it really means to be- or not to be- on top.

Stardoll FameWhores: Thank you for joining us.

EliteNews: You're welcome.

SFW: What do you think it means to be elite? Do you believe in elitism on Stardoll? Does it exist?

E: I know it might sound ridiculous but elitism does exist on Stardoll. Being elite is nothing but a popularity status and most people achieve it by their style, talent, or some others achieve it with scandals and feuds - DRAMA.

SFW: You have several very famous/popular blogs. It's hard- after awhile- to keep posting on blogs. I, myself, have experienced it firsthand. How do you keep them running so efficiently?

E: You really just have to put a lot of effort into it. My motto is don't ever go at least one month without posting nothing, because that's when you begin to lose interest from the readers.

SFW: You're considered an entrepreneur when it comes to the idea of your blog. Especially when people start branching off with your idea(s), that means you've got a good thing going. How did you come up with the original idea? 

E: I get this question a lot, lol, I just wanted to do something different and entertaining that would get Stardoll members excited again. And I knew one thing that people love is GOSSIP, but at the time there really wasn't any gossip, so I thought why not create fake gossip blog?? Like what if Stardoll was a real city with celebrities (elites) like in real life blogs like Perez Hilton or TMZ.....and that's how Elite News was born!

SFW: Are you working on any new projects?

E: Nothing specific yet, but I'm always working on new projects. I'm always coming up with new ideas!

SFW: Exciting! Can't wait to see what else you'll think of. If you could change one thing on Stardoll, what'd it be?
E: I'm don't know. Stardoll is Stardoll.

SFW: You have a famous reputation for having a rocky past with Miss_LolitaF. You've even been the creator of the dubbed nickname LOLita. Have you made up with her yet, or not? What is your general opinion on the disagreements between you and Lolita?
E: I've tired making up with her in the past, but theres a time when you just can't do it anymore. I'm done with her. I think shes just a confused little girl that is insecure with life. She needs a CG title, followers, and virtual clothes to make her feel better about herself and she'll do anything to achieve that. I tired to help her realized that she doesn't need any of that, but it was like speaking to a rock.

SFW: If you could pick one influential person on Stardoll, someone who's even inspired you, who'd it be?
E: Writemarycat. I love that she's just so honest and doesn't really give a crap what people think. She's so creative and smart. I'm so grateful she took me under her wing and guided me to where I am today. I love Mary.

SFW: Now, in light of recent events, what is your opinion on the Linda/Noralie/Chace (Elite-Girl, BabetteCouture, Nojorama) disaster?
E: When I heard about what happened I immediately spoke to Nojo and Linda before I made an opinion about the situation. Linda was really hurt and angry, which was understandable. As for Nojo, he told me why he did what he did and I didn't blame him for doing it. I'm not saying it was right, but it was understandable. I think both just really needed to work on their communication skills and be honest about their feelings with one another and this would have never happened.

SFW: If you could give your advice to anybody about making their own project, what'd it be?
E: I would tell people just to make their blog their own and make sure it's unlike other blogs. You always want to keep readers interested. 

SFW: Thank you!
E: Thank you.


  1. I said elitism does exist. I noticed it was censored when I sent it through mail.

  2. Oh okay. I saw that it was censored, but I saw an apostrophe. Sorry.