Friday, November 5, 2010

Elite Interviews: FriendOfYou

Interview With FriendOfYou
Stardoll's Entrepreneur Extoradinaire

We recently got to sit down with Lily in her extraordinairy suite in Dollywood. This entrepreneur is certainly the next big name in Stardoll, with her style, fashion sense, and creativity. She is one-of-a-kind, and I'm sure we will see her name featured on the big time soon in Stardoll Fashion Week!

Stardoll FameWhores: What do you think makes a good elite?

FriendOfYou: Personally, I believe to be an elite, you need to be stylish, nice, and outgoing. Looking at some of the current elites, I see stylish, but I don't see nice or outgoing, so I don't mentally think "Oh, she's elite!" when I visit their suite. Also, a good elite needs to be very creative. My favorite old super-cliche line is "Be yourself, everyone else is taken" and it really applies to being elite as well.

SFW: Do you think you could be an elite one day?

F: Possibly, if stardoll members could make room in the fabulous array of elites already on stardoll! I really am nice and outgoing. I try to be stylish.. I hope it shows.

SFW: That's great! Any projects on stardoll?

F: I've started a StarDesign line, but I haven't released it yet. The StarDesign line I've begun to create is called Lily Camille, named after yours truly. It's going to be a really subtle and vintage themed line full of creams, chocolate browns, and navy blues. Very, very Parisian. 

SFW: Sounds delicious. Biggest accomplishment on Stardoll so far?

F: I know it seems silly, but meeting some of my really close friends. Though they aren't a reward type of accomplishment, I am so so so grateful to have them, and they really are my saving graces. I don't know how I could possibly come onto stardoll without them. 

SFW: And by knowledge, I see you're one of our readers. What do you think about Stardoll FameWhores?

F: One of my favorite blogs! Haha, I love coming by and reading new interviews. So far, everyone interviewed has been really interesting, and I love seeing their views on things. Every single girl interviewed has had her own flair, and I look forward to reading more interviews! Keep up the good work!

SFW: What do you think about Stardoll Fashion Week?

F: I was busy throughout the full week, sadly. I wasn't able to attend any of the parties, but every now and then during the week I'd check out the new lines on the blog, and read about the events. Even with me not being there, I still got caught up in the enchanting feeling that fashion isn't JUST the clothing we wear every day.

SFW: What is your style? What inspires it?

F: I dislike labeling my style, but if I had to put a tag on it, I'd probably say grungy+vintage. I like leather, denim vests, gold chains, velvet, and all that jazz. Whenever I attempt an outfit, it ends up grungy. I could be getting ready for a big gala, and I'd manage to totally grunge-ify my dress. I'm inspired by streetwear all around the world, and high-fashion editorials. I flip through Vogue every chance I get!

SFW: That's fantastic! Keep up the good work! If you had one wish, what would you want on Stardoll?

F: I'd wish to become friends with a ton of new people. There are so many amazing people on stardoll, and I've befriended only few of the many I'd be overjoyed to even speak with. I'm really friendly, but at first I can be shy, so that prevents me a tad from making new friends.. but once you get to know me I'm really outgoing!

SFW: Yeah, I'm sure we all experience the same things! For or against new Stardoll layout? 

F: Totally for! At first I didn't like it because I couldn't find anything, but now I adore the rounded off, classy look to it. I admit I miss the old pink layout, and I would like to see it back on the website, but until stardoll answers some members' prayers, I'm all smiles!

SFW: Thank you!

F: Thank you!

Who do you want to see next on here? The interviews keep coming!

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