Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elite Interviews: Ciaraleanne

Interview With Ciaraleanne
Stardoll's All-Around Entrepreneur

Stardoll FameWhores: Hello, thanks for doing this interview!
Ciaraleanne: No problem, thank you!
SFW: What do you think makes an elite?

C: Hmm…I don’t particularly like labelling someone as an “elite”… but in my opinion, I think an “elite” should be someone who is an inspiration. A person who has achieved something important and have brought a project that is something new and successful. Some people get the name of an elite just by being ‘popular’ for showing up at events or commenting on blogs etc. A true elite should be someone who has made a great achievement.

SFW: We agree - and you definitely are one! Who do you think should be elite?

C: I’m not really sure, someone who has a successful project that they put a lot of hard work into. 

SFW: You recently showcased your fashion line "Flawless" at Stardoll Fashion Week. How did it feel like to get so much positive feedback, and what are you planning for the next "Flawless," if it will happen?

C: I was really happy that people enjoyed it. There wasn’t even half as many dresses as there was supposed to be, thanks to my stupid computer for completely freezing and crashing. I was so annoyed with that because obviously the work has been lost, and I couldn’t show some of the amazing designs that Becka had drawn. I haven’t talked to Becka much about it, so I’m not entirely sure at the moment.

SFW: Well, we're all sure that you will continue to do a fantastic job with Flawless. You also work with Findurlove for Vanity Models, are you planning Cycle 3 soon?

C: Of course, we’ll sort it all out straight after Cycle 2 is finished! She has told me some very interesting ideas about the future of Vanity Models, so you will definitely not be disappointed.

SFW: How do you believe Stardoll Fashion Week went?

C: I didn’t actually attend any of the parties, considering I can’t get used to guest book parties at all and I would have been sooo lost in the conversation. But it seemed to be a huge success! And I think stardoll needs something like that every once in a while, to keep away some of the boredom. I loved all the collections.

SFW: What do you think about Stardoll has changed the most?

C: Well, when I first started off, there was no such things as magazines, clubs, stardoll blogs or any type of projects really. Stardoll is just increasing in quality and new ideas, to think that so much has happened in the space of 2-3 years, it’s amazing to think what could be available in another couple of months/years. The style and creative amount has definitely grown so much! 

SFW:  Are you for or against the new Stardoll layout?

C: Well, I was completely against it at the beginning but I have gotten used to it really quickly. The only things I would change are the guest books becoming normal pages again and the broadcasts should be far bigger, considering people spend a lot of money advertising their sales, etc.

SFW: What advice do you have for girls trying to start their own fashion line, like yours?

C: Hmm, well build up a good team first (That is, if you want help), plan everything out and collect a lot of inspiration for your designs. Try and be as creative as possible. Think ‘out of the box’.

Blog Owner's Note: Thanks for bearing with us, people, as I have been very busy with schoolwork and life, in general, so I applaud all of you for being patient. I can definitely promise more interviews though - and lots of news updates, as I will be hiring new writers and blog updaters very soon. Also, keep with us, expect a little magic in the air as we undergo another makeover.

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