Monday, October 11, 2010

Elite Interviews: Noelle_Page

Interview with Noelle_Page
Stardoll's Returning Champion

Some say that perhaps Noelle is the only elite without a big head, big ego, and a big mouth. Whoever they are, their words have spoken true. She is truly a person of her own; uninfluenced by the many girls who don't remember the fundementals of Stardoll society and real life society - to be kind and not to get your head too far above the clouds. As Stardoll's returning Champion - as I'd like to think of it, we caught up with Noelle recently in her upgraded suite.

Stardoll FameWhores: What do you believe creates a good elite?

Noelle_Page: Since the very beginning, i have made it very clear that I don't think anybody should be given any title. There shouldn't be any demarcation line here on Stardoll on who is elite and who is not... for the sake of argument though,If being elite would mean being creative and being humble about it, effortlessly making lots of friends and being honest... then that is an elite in every sense of the word.

SFW: Truly. Somehow that is forgotten in today's Stardoll. Your comeback to Stardoll is considered to be one of the greatest comebacks of the year - let alone of all time. How does it feel to be so celebrated?

N:  It was so good to be back after more than a year. More so than being welcomed back with open arms by a lot of people here, It was overwhelming to see old friends i've made in the past (2-3 years ago!) who are still here... and they made me feel really really welcome... it was like coming home to a "virtual family". Really heartwarming...

SFW: You have timeless style and effortless sophistication. How would you describe your personal style?

N: I'd say my personal style is "comfortably chic". I'm not particular with any brand. If i see something i like, i'd hold on to that and build an outfit around it. I like understated class. I believe that real fashion stems up from the inside and should not be influenced by any other factor aside from what you feel. As i'd like to say "Life is a fashion show... and the world is your runway."

SFW: Who do you think should be elite?

N: Honestly... i don't agree with any labels. I think that we should just all enjoy Stardoll for what it is.

SFW: Since you're now back on Stardoll, are you going to start any projects or continue any?
N: I have lots of things to do in my real life now... but who knows... maybe i just would in the near future.

SFW: What about Stardoll has changed the most?

N: The Stardoll users themselves. I think thay have changed both for the worst and for the best. I think they are more savvy now. They're getting more creative each day! If i could just say, i was floored by the collections i saw last SFW! Those are real God given talents. On the other hand, it seems as if some girls (or boys) here got a lot more vicious. I think that sometimes, these people forget that there are real people behind these medolls and these people get hurt.

SFW: Are you for or against the new Stardoll layout?

N: Im all for it! I think it's really cool!

SFW: What advice do you have for girls trying to achieve Stardoll sucess?

N: Just enjoy the site. Being popular is not everything. At the end of the day, you make your own name for yourself.... and you have a real life to live outside 

SFW: Thank you so much!

N: Thank you.

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