Thursday, September 16, 2010

Elite Interviews: Mimi_Mami

Interview With Mimi_Mami
The Greatest Stardoll Comeback

We recently caught up to the Maria, a Stardoll elite with one of the Greatest Stardoll Comebacks of all time on Stardoll. She has so far, in her comeback, launched one of the most creative and stunning projects created, and, of course, has a style like none other! 

Stardoll FameWhores: Thanks for doing the interview! What do you think makes an elite of Stardoll?

Mimi_Mami: An elite of Stardoll tries to come with new ideas, goes to every party, has a successful blog or magazine. But nowadays seems like everyone is an elite. You just need to be featured one or two times on a blog and there you have it, an elite.

SFW: Very true, unfortunately with all of these people becoming elite, we should raise the standard, in my opinion. I believe the truly elite should be someone like Mary, who is innovative and sucessful. You are quite the celebrity! When the stardoll rumor mill said that you were coming back to Stardoll, even girls who didn't know you learned your name within a day! How does it feel to be so appreciated on Stardoll?

M: Aww thank you so much! I feel so proud of myself! I didn't know I would be coming back but then summer arrived and I was like: go for it! So I came back to stardoll. And then I decided to come up with new projects and ideas and I was very flattered that people talked good things about me. It's great to be remembered because of the good things rather than being remembered for bad things you've done. We may be living a virtual life but it still hurts when someone is mean to you.

SFW: Your project, "The Style Project," is simply fantastic! To me, it feels like a perfect combination between a magazine and a blog. It's obvious that you spend much time perfecting it, how did you get the idea to start something like this?

M: I love doing graphics and everything so I came up with a "blogzine" / "magblog". I would do graphics and tell people about my personal style and trends. I am very happy with TSP but sadly I just started school so I won't have time to do more posts... But it was a great experience and thank you to all who supported me!

SFW: Now, your blog is sponsored by Fashion Group, and the wonderful writemarycat. How does it feel to be sponsored by Fashion Group, and working with Mary? 

M: Mary is an amazing girl. She is very creative and talented. I love her! She is very sweet. People think she's rude and full of herself, but she isn't. She stays original and manages to be herself. She's doing it her own way and I love it. Fashion Group really helped me get TSP more popular among stardoll users and I am very happy to have FG as a sponsor.

SFW: You are very fashionable, and it really shows in especially your projects! How would you describe your personal style?

M: Thank you darling! I love to mix and match clothes. I think my style is very unique and simple but with my personal touch and of course some statement items like my birkin bag and my blazers.

SFW: Oh yes, birkins are essentials for every fashionista! I love my own! It is still the most worthwhile thing I've ever bought! Are you working on any more projects that are going to be released soon?

M: As I've said I had started school so no more projects haha.

SFW: That's too bad! But every girl needs a reason to stay, even when she's busy. What makes you passionate about Stardoll? What is your favorite part about it?

M: Fashion and friends. Enough said.

SFW: You've been around Stardoll for a long time - since 2006! Very few players can claim that they have! What do you think has been the biggest change from 2006 to today?

M: Back in 2006 it was all about dressing up celebrities and playing with fashion. And then on summer of 2008 elites came, perez hilton came, magazines came. Everything was perfect that summer. You had a reason for being an elite. And now? Now it's all about showing up once or twice to a party...

SFW: Yes, I believe the "elite" meaning has been so diluted. Do you have any advice for a girl who wants to start her own stardoll project and make it successful?

M: Be yourself, stay unique. Don't listen to rude comments. There will always be haters.

SFW: Thank you so much!

M: Thank you.

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