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Elite Interviews: Blueberry-Dream

Interview with Blueberry-Dream
Supermodel and Fashion Blogger

We recently caught up with the one and only Sarah (blueberry-dream) between her busy schedule of photoshoots and modeling competition! Not only is she a model though - this fashion icon is also a blogger who recently started her own blog showcasing her own stunning artwork, as well as being a writer on Stardoll's hottest - and Most Wanted blog, yes, you guessed it - Stardoll's Most Wanted!

Stardoll FameWhores: What do you think makes an elite of Stardoll?

Blueberry-Dream: To me, an "elite" is of Stardoll is someone who is kind and generous, and is an icon and inspiration to other stardoll users out there. It's also good to have talent - like graphic designing for example - and I bet there are a lot of users out there who have that talent, and they just have to stand up and show it, and soon, everyone will know your name. 

SFW: Who do you think should be the next big elite of Stardoll, and why?

BD: Psychotic-Freak, definitely. She blew everyone away with her Stardoll Style Diaries, and she was noticed for that. Now she is one of Mary's assistants, she is kind, talented and just plain awesome, she has serious potential.
SFW: Definitely! Some blog followers contacted us requesting Becka's interview on this blog. She has really made a name for herself in society. Now, I've viewed your blog, All The Rage Fashion, and it's really just stunning! The artwork is fantastic, you really deserve a career as a fashion designer! How did you start, how did you develop a taste for fashion?

BD: Oh, thank you! Although I just started it, so it's pretty new. And thank you so much! When I was younger, I knew nothing about fashion. It didn't really mattered to me as I was so young, I wore what I wanted to wear. When I grew older, I was exposed to Stardoll - and Stardoll also exposed me to fashion. I began to experiment with fashion more, and this is how I developed my taste. Blogging+Fashion+Art = All The Rage.

SFW: Yes, the thing about Stardoll that never fails to amaze me is that no matter what, people discover their real knack for fashion, that without Stardoll, they would never know about! Now, you write for a very famous blog, Stardoll's Most Wanted, how does it feel to post something and have so many supportive readers commenting, blogging, and talking about it?

BD: Oh, it feels really great! Sometimes I am very busy with real life that I have no time to post on there, but there are over 3000 supportive readers that are all very enthusiastic and supportive that it keeps me smiling all day.

SFW: But, of course, blogs are not our first attraction to Stardoll. What really got you hooked on Stardoll in the first place?

BD: Dressing up myself, definitely! Faaaaaaaaaashion all day long.

SFW: You are a really good Stardoll model! What prompted you to start pursueing this kind of work?

BD: Fanks. I try to do all sorts of stuff on Stardoll, including modelling and "acting", just for the fun of it. I like doing new stuff, and I found out that modelling is now one of the things I love to do. I even walked for Dioguardi's Cruise Campaign!

SFW: Wow, sounds so exciting! The big catwalk is always the best way to start a career! There are so many girls who dream of doing things such as Dioguardi Cruise.  You sense of style is unique and amazing! So many girls look up to you every day, what is your inspiration?

BD: Ah well, I am inspired by many things - if you go on you will see many amazing stuff, seriously.

SFW: I'm sure I will! I'll definitely check out Tumblr! Now- the big question, what projects are you currently working on?

BD: I am slowly building my own modelling agency, not much of a secret, really.

SFW: Sounds exciting! You will be sucessful, for sure! Any advice for girls who want to become successful, just like you? 

BD: Stand out of the crowd. If you have unnoticed talent, show it. If you have a taste for fashion, show it. If something's bugging you, speak out. You can't just take the backseat and stand in someone else's shadow. Be yourself, don't hold back. 

SFW: Thank you so much!

BD: Thank you.

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