Sunday, September 5, 2010

Elite Interviews: Boo4Bettz

Interview with Boo4Bettz
Stardoll's "Ugly Side" Crusher

We caught up with Boo (Boo4Bettz) recently and this is what she had to say! The twenty one year old founder of The Ugly Side of Stardoll and the Fashion Side of Stardoll told us all about her one-of-a-kind unique blogs and her ideas, about how to keep safe on Stardoll, more! She tells us about LE and DKNY and the kind of girl she thinks could make it to the top. 

Stardoll FameWhores: Hey Boo, thanks for joining us!

Boo4Bettz: No problem, happy to be here!

SFW: Onto our first question.. Why do you think girls become elite?
B: Well I think its' a number of things, some because they are honest and sweet, but unfortunately I think now it is about how much stuff everyone has! Some of the most lovely and helpful girls out there don't have much sadly so they are not really noticed and that is what I think should be elite!

SFW: Truly! It's remarkable that girls with no class or no style, but own tons of LE, can become so popular. But all in all, what do you think about Stardoll's elite society?

B: Umm, well I can't really say I know a lot of them, but I know a few names, not really personally, I will talk to anyone elite or not though lol.

SFW: Often many elites go power hungry and hack/scam, a big recent incident Nicole-O, even though there have been far many more cases in the past. Why do you think they do that?

B: A real case of greed! No matter how much they have they always want more, no matter who they have to step on to get it! It's especially sad they steal from girls with next to nothing!

SFW: Yes! Which makes your blog, The Ugly Side of Stardoll, all the more important. What was your inspiration for creating something like that?

B: Well it was purely to help people! After I was scammed quite a few times by sickos of course Stardoll was absolutely no help at all! There are soo many hacks, scams, and real sickos out there on Stardoll now I think everybody should know who to stay away from and how to keep themselves safe!

SFW: Yes, elitism aside, what do you think is the core reason that all girls or boys, scam or hack?

B: Greed! But honestly I really don't know how they do it! I know it's not the same but we all have to ask how can a person rob an old lady? Either way, they really have no heart! Some of the girls on Stardoll are so young how can someone take advantage of that? But we will never know what goes on inside their heads!

SFW: If we can only peer in.. But other than working on your blog, what else do you do on Stardoll?

B: Well nothing specific I'm always so busy with blogs and life lol. But I'm always happy to help out when I can with interviews like this, outfits, and anything else really. I'm a slight shopaholic.

SFW: Aren't we all? What is your perspective on LE/rares?

B: Well I suppose you could call me a collector but I don't buy just for the sake of it, I buy what I like and will wear! The prices that Stardoll charges and what some people pay for items is crazy!

SFW: Your style is unique, what inspires you?

B: Well its usually an item I buy that I just have to wear, so I just work around that piece! Somedays it just depends on my mood how an outfit turns out.

SFW: Yes! What advice do you have for girls to prevent scamming/hacking to happen to them? A lot of girls are especially afraid of hackers- some girls even get hacked without handing out their passwords these days!

B: This is very worrying to me as well and the only advice I could possibly give out is to never give out your pass, email, or any info about your account! Never visit anyone with an offer of free stuff, if you could get it free anyone would have it! As for the whole hacking without a pass I've heard it happen here and there and all I can say is just be on alert if you ever notice anything or anyone suspicious in any way don't be afraid to say something and don't wind them up or anything just leave them be - you never know how capable someone is!

SFW: True! It's horrifying what we can find on Stardoll these days. Any advice for a girl who wants to start a blog on her own?

B: Hmm well my advice would be to have a great friend work on it with you! The blogs were suffering a while ago purely because I didn't have the time but thanks to the lovely Crist3y they are back and going strong! So don't try to go at it alone!

SFW: Well, that's it, thanks Boo for the interview!

B: Thanks for wanting to interview me! Great questions! Much love!

Anyone you want to see on here?
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