Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With Shakira_Avril

Interview with Shakira_Avril.

Stardoll Fame Whores: What can you tell me about your petition?

Shakira_Avril: My petition? Well right when we got this new Stardoll, I made it. I posted everywhere, and asked my good friends to post it too, and I noticed many people also people I dont know have it on their presentations. It was on many blogs too. I dont know if it had any influence on this Stardoll changes now, many users said it had, i hope it did :]

SFW: This is really good. I also signed it. And we ALL agree.
What do you think about elites? And how they should be like?

S: Elites. Personally, i have nothing against them, I mean they are those who entertain us all with their amazing projects and blogs, right? So most of the people hate elites, the real reason is simply jealousy. Because elites have succeeded and got out of the crowd, and others are still in there :]

Well, from all the elite Stardollians i met...They were pretty nice :P You just have to get to know them..Some non-elites think that elites are stuck ups and fame seekers. Which is not true at all, they simply do what they want and like, and by that they succeed ;]

SFW: You have really good point of view. I'm impressed. :D
Do you feel that you belong to the elite group and tell me why ofc. :D

S: Thank you :]
To be REALLY honest, i dont know. xD
I think I`m somewhere between, I think I should ask other elites what do they think. :P
The thing is that I dont collect rares, well except LE. I used to,but I sold everything when ran for CG.
Rares are usually something that almost every elite has, but I have blogs and projects...
So I have no idea :D

SFW: Haha me either. And who do you think has this great chance to become the elite nowadays?

S: Well I haven`t seen anyone really particular that has chances for being a new elite... I might say anita_o..Since she`s opening blogs and stuff :]

SFW: You mentioned LE. What are you favourite LE pieces?

S: I absolutely love my Taffeta dress :D
Then my favorites are Blue Multi Strap Ankle Boots and Rouched Skinny Pants xD
But I also sold my two favorite leggins...Oh well x]

SFW: What are your greatest achievements on Stardoll?

S: Covergirl,of course :D
Im also hoping to be an album winner next week, I`ve been planning it for weeks :]

SFW: That is really amazing and good luck. Do you have any adivces for girls who are trying to be Covergirl?

S: Thank you! :D
Yes, I have, right after I won, I wrote many useful tips in my album :]
Go check it out ^^

SFW: And what about your blogs & projects?

S: So, me and Lolita reopened our blog thestardollshiner.blogspot.com, its doing pretty good so far, then I have the Gloss Awards (glossawards.blogspot.com,nominations in the club), I work for Dioguardi group (dioguardigroup.blogspot.com) and gonna be the co-owner of anita_o`s blog :D

SFW: Aww haha ^^ I'm not that active. :PP
Ok just leave stardoll topic. What are your hobbies??

S: Hehe :D
Well, I`ve been doing horse riding for over a year now, I rollerblade, sing, and not sure if i`ll go take dancing lessons. :P

SFW: Wonderful!!! And who do you want to be in the future?

S: I`m hoping to be a designer, I`m happy cause I got into the Art high school,I chose fashion, and I think it could help me create my career, but if not, I`m thinking of working with animals :]

SFW: Thank you for the interwiev.

S: Sure,thank you too :D

Sorry it took me so long.


  1. Wowie.

    Petra Has Got Some Really Interesting Answers

  2. wow!
    she seems lovely :)

    i think she deserves to be an elite :)

    I love that this blog does interviews :)