Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elite Interviews: MissDancer853

Interview with MissDancer853
Stardoll's Next "Great Collector"

We recently caught up to Lily (MissDancer853) in her stunning closet. Lotteries, Mary Kate - Ashley Real Celeb, and more stared at me behind her wardrobe as she answered the interview for Stardoll FameWhores. Her remarkable collection and talent to take matters into her own hands makes her unique and certainly elite potential. It is time for a new elite to step into the spotlight, why not her?

Stardoll FameWhores: Hey, thanks for doing the interview.

MissDancer853: You're welcome!

SFW: From a non elite standpoint, what do you think a good elite would be?

M: From my non-elite standpoint,I think a good elite should be a role model, Nice,funny, good fashion sense. And of course have atleast 1 or more projects.

SFW: Who do you think should be the next elite?

M: I think the next elite should be alice2078. Not just because she is one of my good friends,because she is kind,hard-working,and hey,her fashion sense is remarkable!

SFW: Great, so why do you think you should be the next elite?

M: I think I should be the next elite because I have been on stardoll for a full year now. I know all of the gossip,know how to get involved in things to get the publicity,and my blogs are growing views!

SFW: You have a huge rare collection. How did you start collecting?

M: Yes,I do have a large collection of rares. I started collecting by starting out small with LE,and such. Then I realized the bigger things/gorgeous things were more expensive. I have techniques I use to get the items I need/want. One tip to get rares is: If you have small items(LE,DKNY,etc) trade multiples to get the 1 big thing you want.

SFW: How did you discover Stardoll?

M: I discovered stardoll in 2007. I had another account but then I quit because I thought it was quite boring. In 2009 I came back to give it another try. I fell in love again.

SFW: Great, it happened to me too, just a bit later. Any projects you are working on?

M:  My main two projects right now are Beautule Group and Beautule Couture
(, I could never get into any of the other groups so i decided to start my own. This is a new project including a women's clothing and hair accessory line. We will launch new things soon!

SFW: Great idea! Just because others say no to you doesn't mean you should take no for an answer. Persistence is a key idea to becoming great at anything.  Favorite rare?

M: The Lindsay Lottery Dress.

SFW: Ah, the much coveted item I think only xLou26, you, emorox4eva, fakeshake3, and undamyumbrella own, if I'm correct. Do you have any goals?

M: Yes,I have two goals actually. In the near future I hope to get better at my graphics. I also hope to become an elite and design for magazines.

SFW: Yes, you showed me one of your graphics! Definitely getting there! And for the drumroll question; If you become elite, what will you fear most, what will change about you, and what will you want to do to change about Stardoll elite society?

M: If I become an elite,my most fear would be the gossip. What would change about me is my old friends. Sometimes I forget my old friends when getting into the elite business. I'd change the rudeness that goes around stardoll society. To me diaries,news,etc. seem to be making rumors of people. Maybe some people like it. I certainly don't.

SFW: Thanks for the interview!

M: Thank you.

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