Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With 2peicesofcandy1

Interview with 2peicesofcandy1
Stardoll's "Elite Diary Blogger."

If you were lucky enough to be chosen to become the follow-up writer after Noralie (BabetteCouture) for the famous Elite Entertainment production "Elite Diary," wouldn't you? Well 2peicesofcandy1 recently got that once - in - a - lifetime chance! Baya (EliteNews) recently picked her to become the next bigshot for her company! If that doesn't scream elite, what does?

Stardoll FameWhores: Thanks for doing the interview!

2peicesofcandy1: Hey, thank you so much for the interview!

SFW: What do you think makes a good Elite?

2poc1: I think a good Elite always has something up his/her sleeve. There is a thin line between making a project for the hell of it or making a project for a purpose, such as being successful or making a name for yourself. A good Elite can do that.

SFW: Yes. Every good person in "Dollywood," as I'm sure you know, wants to be remembered for their projects, not their name. As the next writer of Elite Diary, how does it feel to inherit such a popular project?

2poc1: WOW. It really is amazing. I’m glad so many people like my writing. I WAS expecting positive feedback but not THIS positive. Its a real honor.

SFW: Any other high profile projects you are working on?

2poc1: I’m currently working on a few things! I have just been hired as Nojmul (Nojarama)’s new assistant, I am working with him as a creative director on his new line “N3RD” and I am continuing to work on my graphics which will HOPEFULLY lead me to a fashion line of my own? Who knows... right now I’m just enjoying being so busy! LOL!

SFW: How is it working with Baya (EliteNews)?

2poc1: Its great. Baya is one of the FEW people on Stardoll that is sincerely nice. If you haven’t talked to her yet I really recommend it.
SFW: Who do you think should be the next big elite?

2poc1: VERY good question. Those who have read Elite Diary will know about “LauriaJane” (my good friend Lauria). I think she has all the qualities of being an Elite. Shes SUCH a nice girl... shes been hired for a lot of projects and shes busy at the moment. I’m really glad to have such a good friend in her.
SFW: Fantastic! What do you think makes you an elite? 

2poc1: AM I Elite? Gosh... I don’t THINK I am! LOL!
Well I think I do have “Elite-ish qualities” (LOL I dunno wtf that means but...). I think that I’m hard working and like a good Elite, I always have a little something up my sleeve. I’m also able to make people laugh which is a good trait to have in making friends and also in writing.

SFW: Favorite part of Stardoll?

2poc1: Stardoll has gone downhill so much... I love being able to talk to my online friends and express myself through fashion. 

SFW: What has been your biggest accomplishment on Stardoll so far?

2poc1: Being a successful writer for Elite Diary. It REALLY means a lot to me.

SFW: What/who is your style inspiration?

2poc1: I like to inspire myself with things that are kind of... hmm... different?! Haha! My recent outfits were inspired by Barbies and Mermaids.

SFW: Any advice for girls who want to follow in your footsteps?

2poc1: Be yourself. So many people get caught up in wanting to be “famous” on Stardoll that it doesn’t even become fun anymore. I’ve been down that road and the thing is, the more you try, the more desperate you seem. If you REALLY want to be famous just be yourself it will get you a lot farther.

SFW: Thank you!

2poc1: No, thank you!
Look forwards to..
vasia28 coming soon.


  1. She seems really nice.
    And I really like the 'a good elite has something up his/her sleeve' thing.
    It's a witty and good way to put it ^^

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  3. Yeah, the interview was amazing! I learned a lot about her! :)

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