Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With M_Themis

Interview With M_Themis
Stardoll's "Ultimate Blogger"

We recently caught up with M_Themis at her gorgeous garden escapade, where she talked exclusively to Stardoll FameWhores about being a blogger for Underneath Stardoll, the second most popular blog of ALL TIME on Stardoll, and is the fastest growing blog ever on Stardoll! Also, Underneath Stardoll has just achieved over 2000 followers, quite an achievement for any blog! She talks about the behind-the-scenes process of forming a popular blog, new ideas, and elite projects. 

Stardoll FameWhores: Hey, thanks for doing the interview.

M_Themis: No problem, thank you!

SFW: What do you think makes you an elite of Stardoll?

M: As I have said before, previously, if you want to call me elite, call me it for my work.. after all, drama is easy, that is why so many so-called elites choose it that way. I want to be respected for what I do not want to be for being ridiculous.. I definitely don't want to be elite titled that way that is being abused by stardoll members. I am no better than anyone else... and likewise, no one is better than me. Being well known and recognized than other members in Stardoll is a fact and I won't deny cause it came with my hard work on the blog and what I do in general for other members.

SFW: What is your biggest accomplisment on Stardoll?

M: That's easy.. Underneath Stardoll, of course.

SFW: Definitely. And of course USD (Underneath Stardoll) has recently hit 2000 followers, and as I understand, you are holding a party to celebrate! How did you think your blog became so successful, the second most popular blog in Stardoll history?

M: First and foremost…I was listening to my readers. If you can capture what they want and be close to them you can achieve anything. Of course other things were…hard work, Constant updates (more than 2/3 posts per day), Exclusive inside spoiler views and a committed powerful team….me and my best friends, mirka_17 and superoh.

SFW: Yes, your blog is always up-to-date on the latest Stardoll know-how! Any other secrets to your blog, or any blog's popularity?

M: I guess the secret is to do something new and fresh that noone ever thought…we were lucky to find the Hidden Items of the Starplaza first and that was a big start for the blog with all the crediting we got back then.

SFW: Many want to know the trick / giant secret to finding out the spoilers and hidden items.

M: We had it in our minds all the time. We were reading blogs back then. All kinds of blogs. We were not part of the blog world though. Only watching. We decided to do a blog. I wanted to understand Stardoll better and help others by doing it….therefore we created USD.

SFW: Haha, I get it! Underneath.. Stardoll. Who do you think should be the next elite?

M: The one who will make a quality difference. As I said, drama is easy…being successful without it is harder!!

SFW: You have great style, as well as an awesome rare collection. What inspires you?

M: I get inspired by everything. Just a pair of shoes can inspire me to create a whole outfit. 

SFW: All other fashion icons, say "AMEN!" Other than USD, any other projects that are going on for you at the moment? If so, with who?
M: Yes, I’m currently part of BBS team as a party Hoster and also part of DG as an Organizer.

SFW: What is your favorite project(s) on Stardoll? Any favorite blogs or magazines you can't live without?

M: I love BBS…the idea of it was so fresh... I like most of the Stardoll Magazines... I appreciate people’s work no matter how good it is. It takes time to create something to offer in the Stardoll world and I respect that!

SFW: What is your favorite part of Stardoll?

M: Dressing up my doll. I would say that I love to collect also. But I do not do that very much anymore. Dressing my doll is the only thing I care the most.

SFW: Any advice for girls who want to open up their own blogs someday, or make their own blogs more sucessful like yours?

M: Appart from the cliché parts of a blog, do something different from which people will get inspired and caught to read your blog more often.

SFW: Wow, thanks!

M: Thank you too...

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  1. I love USD! It's so helpful with all the spoiler and free stuff. Plus, they have an awesome song playlist ;D