Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With Fifibannana

Interview With Fifibannana
Stardoll's Most Looked Up To

Stardoll FameWhores :So Lolita speaks very highly of you and views you as a future Elite, do you agree with her, do you feel that you are a soon to be Elite?

Fifibannana.: I saw what she said if me- it was very sweet of her! I think of myself as... Different, a 'misfit'! I do like to set an example for the people of stardoll who like me and my style- it means a lot to me!

SFW: Yeah, you style is great and thats what pulls alot of people to love you, speaking of style, is there any inspiration behind it?

Fifi.: Thank you! Nothing or no-one in particular, but SO many of the nicest people on stardoll have influenced my style- stardoll and real life!

SFW: Thats great, I see you have been working on many many project! What are some of them and what are they all about?

Fifi.: Well yes indeed there are many! Haha, well, the main projects I'm focousing on now are Banner Wars, owned by myself and conii987, a truly AMAZING girl might I add, BW is currently sponcered by Dioguardi Group, so a huge thankyou to them, I also co-on soon to be released stardoll magazine Allure, and I litterally just released my newest blog 'The Stardoll Misfits', what I have hope for!

SFW: I love The Stardoll Misfits, great blog, what do you think of these people on stardoll that we call 'Elite'?

Fifi.: Thankyou! Well everyone has their opinions, to me elites are the people on stardoll who've genuinely made stardoll history.

SFW: I think they are the drama causing bitches, but you answer is way better, I'd like to thank you for letting me interview you,is there anything else you'd like to say?

Fifi: Haha- yes, the select few! Just thankyou for the oppertunity, no problem! (:

Sorry for the post being so late, I barely have any time to interview people. Who do you guys want to be interviewed next?