Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elite Interviews: Interview With BeverlyHillsHei

Interview with BeverlyHillsHei
Stardoll's Most Famous "Heiress"

Ashley talks about the new Stardoll Layout, her projects, how she became famous, and all about what she thinks an elite should really be like. More importantly, she expresses herstyle and tells us all about living in the 90210, and of course, being a fashionista and completely unique, making her the kind of elite everybody wants to know - which is maybe she's lasted at the top for so long.

Stardoll FameWhores: Hey, thanks for doing the interview.

BeverlyHillsHei: No problem, thanks!

SFW: What do you think an elite should be like?

B: They should be themselves and stick out. I don't think they should be all the same or there is nothing interesting about them.

SFW: What do you think makes you an elite?

B: I think it's my personality and me being on of a kind that got me to where I am.

SFW: True! On many blogs, you're famously known as "The Stardoll Heiress." How did you achieve that title?

B: Haha, probably because I am a heiress.

SFW: What do you think your favorite part about Stardoll is (or was)?

B: Probably the tribute shops, if nothing else. I was so happy when they brought in the Chanel Spring 2010 collection. I never thought I would see the day Stardoll would do something like that. It was unbelievable! I really hope they decide to another Chanel tribute. Maybe for the Fall 2010 couture collection?

SFW: You're actively against the new Stardoll layout. Can you tell us why you do not like this new Stardoll and why it is to your distaste, as you have been on Stardoll awhile?

B: I just simply do not like it. Certain things we relied on are gone or impossible to find! Our guestbooks are gone, how are we going to party or have award shows anymore to make this place worth coming back to? I also can't find anyone in my friends list and when I look around every page is the same people on every page. It's ridiculous.

SFW: We completely agree! It's more like horrifying actually, haha. But aside from that, something timeless is our rares. What are your favorite rares?
B: Mary Kate and Ashley Real Celeb, or LE. They're all so limited, that's probably why they're all so special!

SFW: Yes, for sure! Think about owning something that only 299 other people out of almost 70 million have! Wow! Why do you think a non-elite should become an elite?

B: I don't have anyone specific but I'd like to see someone who is just themselves. I would love to find a girl who has a pretty medoll that is totally unique, has great style, and has a big mouth that isn't afraid to speak their mind but still be nice. If I can find that girl, sure as hell I'd be her friend and hopefully get her rise to Stardoll fame.

SFW: That sounds great. Any other advice you have for people who are trying to find their success on Stardoll today?
B: Don't change yourself just to become elite because in the end you'll hate it and it will eat at you until you go insane. I have seen it happen to girls before. 

SFW: Thank you so much!

B: Thanks for having me!

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