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Future Elite Interviews: Lextergal

Future Elite Interviews: Lextergal
Stardoll's Next "Personality Girl"

Today we welcome Lextergal, otherwise known as Lexi. Down to Earth, sweet, amazing, are some things you could call her. She has never rejected a girl in need, and judging by the amount of guestbook comments she gets daily; you can tell the public is in favor of her! Through all of her ventures, she talks about all of her stardoll projects that will be coming up very soon, such as her new blog The Stardoll Informant and her official MKA Real Celeb club. Meet the next elite society member, now the only thing holding her back is you, will society accept Lexi?

Stardoll FameWhores: Hey Lextergal. Thanks for doing the interview, it's a pleasure to have you here on Stardoll FameWhores.

Lextergal: No, thank you! Lol.

SFW: It's so great to hear you, as you know, you're our first "non-elite interview," and we hope to have many of them in the future too. So, from a non-elite standpoint, what do you believe makes a good elite?

L:  An elite should be someone what everyone is looking for - a good personality, wonderful collections, and lots of friends!

SFW: We most definitely agree! That's what we're all about! But, why do you think you should be the next elite?

L: I think I should be the next elite because I am known around Stardoll for only good things and I have alot of strong points about myself- My growing collection, popular club, and many elite friends.

SFW: And hopefully these will prove you worthy of our elite society someday soon! However, society today is fickle. Do you think you have anything to offer it, because it can offer you very much?
L: The things that I have to offer the Stardoll Society are a promising future on this website and my aggressiveness towards a better change for all!

SFW: And we hope that is all true, for we can sure name a few things (or quite alot) about stardoll society should be changed! Any new projects that will pull followers towards your inner ring?
L: Well, my current project around Stardoll is my new blog The Stardoll Informant. I just started this blog, hired wonderful co-writers, and we are steadily gaining followers day-to-day.

SFW: And we most certainly hope to see it bloom! (Click HERE to go to the Stardoll Informant.) Not only do you inform Stardollians, also, you teach style! However, rare items are not to be forgotten, whatever style you pick or choose. What rare item you own is your favorite?

L: My favorite rare that I think every elite should own is the MKA RC Ashley Dress. I love this dress because even though it is just a plain black dress, its rarity value still holds to the Stardoll community!

SFW: Most definitely, MKA Real Celeb is a popular choice between our elites, for sure. Any elites you've been working with?

L: The elite that I have been working closely with is youwontwin. We have been friends for a long time, and whenever I need help or advice I always go to Cheryl and Victor!

SFW: I've also talked to them on occasion. They are fantastic people. But, who do you know that should be an elite also? Anyone you want to take to the top with you?

L: I think that iswim19 should also be an elite. She works with a lot of other elites on a day to day basis and she is getting her name out there quite fast! She also has a wonderful personality and a beautiful collection- the stepping blocks to becoming an elite!

SFW: Awh, thanks (from Sierra / iswim19), that is quite a compliment. We know you have tried out for Covergirl before, how was the experience for you?

L: Yes, I have tried for Covergirl once before and made 3rd place. It was quite a thrilling expierence even though I didnt win, and I made some very close friends from it. I plan on running again soon, whenever I can save up the money again.

SFW: Well, third place is still fantastic, out of 60 million people!  Any advice you have for those trying Covergirls?

L: Future covergirls- Don't give up or discourage yourself. Even if there are alot of others running that day, it doesnt mean you dont have the equal chance that they do!

SFW: Thanks! I'm sure a lot of girls will benefit from your advice! But when you become elite, what will you fear most, or what do you think you will fear most?

L: My greatest fear about elite is the rumors. I know alot of girls who became elite and then rumors spread about them being hackers, scammers, and other rude things. Even though her closest friends knew it wasn't true, it didnt keep the rumors from spreading until eventually she was on the StopScamming club's list! People will believe anything they hear..

SFW: What are your goals in the near Stardoll future?

L: In the future, I hope to advance my LE collection, win 1st Place covergirl, and get my MKA RC club in the top ten clubs!

SFW: Thanks!
L: No problem, thank you!

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